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Date: 07/16/05-08:52:48 AM Z
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I have been having problems with streaking and speckling on
> my prints, which according to Christopher James can be attributed to
> a workshop with high humidity. There is definitely high humidity
> there, and since I work in a large communal area, I am thinking it
> would be easier to change processes than try to dehumidify the entire
> area.

Hi Nels,
Welcome to the list.

No one has answered this yet, so I will offer my probably wrong opinion as
kallitype is not my process of choice, but I did want you to know someone
was listening.

On another list someone was having the same problem with black speckles and
it was suggested they clear their brush (fix or clear) to make sure it did
not have exposed solution on it that then contaminated the next print. If
it is not black speckles and black streaks you are talking about, , but
uneven coating and lighter mottling, that is a totally different story and
may relate to your paper and/or humidity.

I have not done chrysotype but Don Bryant on this list has. I have done
argyrotype and it coated and exposed beautifully on the papers I used, Rives
BFK and Buxton (about $10 a sheet). Make sure you are using enough solution
to give an even coat--don't scrimp.

I have had problems with mottling (lighter spots) on Fabriano Artistico
Extra White--with palladium--so if you are using this paper, keep your brush
cleared, switch to a different paper, and see if your problem disappears.
Others on this list use that paper to perfection if they first give it a
hefty presoak in oxalic acid. They will have to give you the percentages
and times on that. I just switched to Arches Platine for those one coat
processes, sticking with Fabriano for my tricolor gums.

So, maybe you can share the paper you are using and other pertinent info to
describe the spots more clearly and someone else more versed than I in
kallitype and iron processes will point the way.
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