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>>>>No, no one else ever developed Kodachrome until very
>>>>recently. I'm curious to know what you mean by until
> When I worked for 3M in 1980 we processed (tens of)
> thousands of rolls and
> reels of Kodachrome everyday just in one plant alone.>>>
> ---------------------------------------- Bob Sez:
> We stocked and sold Technicolor processing mailers for
> Kodachrome. That was in 1973 when I started. At the time,
> the mailers were old and sat on the shelf. We also sold
> 16mm mailers from Technicolor. So I know Technicolor
> offered Kodachrome processing at least as far back as 1973
> or thereabouts.
> Bob
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  I am going from memory but it seems to me that Kodak was
looking around for someone to help process Kodachrome even
before they were forced not to combine processing cost with
film cost. It seems to me that the anti-trust decision was
made well before the 1970's.

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