RE: Silly little Kodak History question.

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            Dunno.  Living in Barbados we don’t have access to Kodachrome.  Perhaps someone from NA or UK could answer.
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Hi Bob,
I thought the Kodachrome has been phased out? Is it still in production?
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Subject: Re: Silly little Kodak History question.
>>>If you shot your Kodachrome 25 with good optics, project them on a LARGE
white wall using a decent projector lens, and walk up to the wall you will
see detail and separation that you never see in reproduction. It is an
amazing film.>>>
Absolutely true.
Whenever Kodak introduced a new film, I/we would always project the slides. I would shoot a few rolls in stereo and the film's "faults" would be immediately apparent. Grain and sharpness simply cannot hide when viewed in stereo.
That is how I can confidently state for a fact that Kodachrome 25 is better than K-64; that Kodachrome is better than Ektachrome.
Bob is correct, projection always tells the tale. After all, slides are designed for projection, not printing.


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