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I agree that it is a shame that most of the competition was eliminated. I,
for one, have reminiscent dreams of DuPont Velour Black!

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  Hi Greg, I was told that Ilford would have to reorganize its many
divisions to make a profit and to continue the fine films due to the company
was not not charging enough for some products and that is what they indeed
have done to continue production. I don't paying for more if the
organization would keep on producing. According to those in the industry,
Canadians still but the most film amongst the G8 countries...
  It is too bad that Kdak went on a eliminate the competition spree in the
late 1990s' and the 2000s'
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> > The black and white division of Ilford is back full force, and making
> > a commitment to continuing to provide chemistry, paper and film
> > for future generations of traditional photographers. They are also
> > putting forth a major research and development effort to continue
> > to develop new products of interest to serious black and white
> > photographers.
> Kodak could do the same thing if it wanted to and it wouldn't even be
> a blip on its' balance sheet. It (Kodak) could easily open a
> specialty branch to cater to its' old (pre-1970) base. But, I
> suspect, being the rather large bulky (read as not very creative)
> company that it has become Kodak will plunder/blunder ahead concerned
> only with huge profits no matter how derived. The goodwill and public
> image that Kodak could generate with a "specialty spinoff" producing
> high quality B&W products would be tremendous. And folks, please
> don't think that it would have to make a profit - no "bottom line"
> stuff please; they could run it at a loss. Many large corporations
> give huge sums of money away on a regular basis in order to shore up
> their public image.
> -greg schmitz


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