Re: RE:Kodak B&W  Paper Discontinued? News from Ilford at least...

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Date: 07/15/05-06:40:44 AM Z
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Indeed, Kodak probably could maintain the black and white materials division
- even if it ran at a loss - it just chooses not to. But one of the aspects
of this will most certainly be a loss of any "cachet" that Kodak has in terms
of a "fine art" association to its products. Kodak has always seemed to be
pursuing the consumer end of the market while trying to cloak itself in a "fine
art" mantle which, I guess, made it look more attractive to the mass-market
that it was catering to. Oh well...I do side with those who feel that some of
the other smaller companies will take up the slack and fortify or expand
their product lines. Producing silver based materials in Europe is probably a
more viable business than it is in the US right now.


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