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Date: 07/13/05-07:32:45 AM Z
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Hi Victor,
I haven't ventured into using pyro developer but I'd like to try it. I
usually shoot 6x7 negatives (Tri-X, Plus-X, or HP) and develop using HC-110
dilution B or D-76 depending on the film. Before Kodak changed the film
stocks I pretty much shot Tri-X exclusively and developed in HC-110 dilution
B using Fred Pickers system. If you could point me in a direction I'd
appreciate it.

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Subject: Rotary processing 5x12

For those of you using 5x12 and tray processing, I found that I can drum
process the negatives in the Jobo #3005 8x10 drum, which holds 5 negatives.
The negatives stick out past the slots about 3/4" but the lid still fits
down to the normal depth. I face the open side of the film to the center.
I use Pyrocat-HD and the negatives show no uneven development at the end
that extends past the tube. I did 4 negatives with even sky and they all
look uniform.
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