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I like what John's point suggests -- smalller size companies providing

I would like to weigh in with a question - what products would be
desired, as a 'must-have' from Kodak? Could these products/materials
be revived by smaller, boutique-style manufacuers or are there other
problems involved that the scale and size of Kodak solved. Would Kodak
sell the patents?

I'm more interested in the future than the past and am willing to
speculate and conjure scenarios of possibilities. Let's face it,
capitalism both creates and destroys landscapes of wealth and economic
well-being, we have been a victim of the present destructive
direction, but I don't believe the past will indicate the entire

Again, what is essiential to alt-process as far as materials... or de
we all learn to make digital negatives from our camera's raw digital

-Darryl Baird
       The Kodak decision to listen to their share holders rather than
their customers should be discussed as this is obviously one the ills
capitalism that has affected many list members directly at this
time............... On the other hand the percs of capitalism and
could and should be presented also as Kodak , for the past 100
years ,
thru the incentive of providing services, research and developing
products for profit , we in no wise would ever had access to, or
the knowledge available to use them ............There was not a
company like this in the world expanding photography to what it is
       I personally feel Kodak could have, and should have,
their operation so that small dealers were not harnessed with such
quotas of both chemical an photographic material that they could have
continued to supply a inevitable diminishing customer base........
Diminishing sales never looks good on paper but the reality is that
products could have continued with smaller gross profits but they
these services just to look good to their shareholders...........
       There is not reason in this world that they still could have
continued to make a profit on all of these items in smaller
    John Cremati

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