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1. The Book of Pyro by Gordon Hutchings is the bible on PMK. For rotary processing, a modified version, Rollo Pyro, seems to work better. Both are available in liquid form from several mail order suppliers, among them Photographer's Formulary and Bostick and Sullivan.
2. For information on Pyrocat HD there are several articles in the Unblinking Eye web site. (
See especially articles by Sandy King, the originator of this developer. Look under the section Film and Developers on the referred page. At the top of the same reference page, click on Film Developing Times for some useful data.
3. On the Michael and Paula web site there are several categories in the Azo Forum that will provide long threads with useful information. (
Use the search window to find information or just go through the several related categories.

I currently use the Pyrocat-HD developer. It works well with rotary processing and has very low base fog, a problem with the PMK, especially in rotary developing.

You may not need any of the Pyro based developers if you are getting satisfactory results with your current combinations. There are advantages to these developers that are explained in some of the articles on the Unblinking Eye site. They are especially useful for alt processes that require exposure to UV light sources. And there are added safety measures involved if you mix your own developer, as is required for some of the formulae.

Hopefully, someone more knowledgeable on this subject will add to this. Good luck.


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  Hi Victor,

  I haven't ventured into using pyro developer but I'd like to try it. I usually shoot 6x7 negatives (Tri-X, Plus-X, or HP) and develop using HC-110 dilution B or D-76 depending on the film. Before Kodak changed the film stocks I pretty much shot Tri-X exclusively and developed in HC-110 dilution B using Fred Pickers system. If you could point me in a direction I'd appreciate it.

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    For those of you using 5x12 and tray processing, I found that I can drum process the negatives in the Jobo #3005 8x10 drum, which holds 5 negatives. The negatives stick out past the slots about 3/4" but the lid still fits down to the normal depth. I face the open side of the film to the center. I use Pyrocat-HD and the negatives show no uneven development at the end that extends past the tube. I did 4 negatives with even sky and they all look uniform.
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