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  Hi Dave,
  I didn't mean for the whole world to listen in... well, I have been
chastised by Sandy King and others- and it doesn't matter to me because I
believe in what I believe in... and no system is perfect.
  You have to read a lot and get out of your country and visit others to
appreciate what you have and then; get back to your country and ask what you
can do to better it. A lot of dissaters are there because one system changed
dramatically to the other in order to expand growth. (The former S. Union).
Unfortunately; most organizations never think what does one do with the
wastes left over...
  I work as a Physical Therapist in a large hospital system- very attuned
to the events around us and to the various cultures working.
  When I grew up in the USA I knew nothing, now; that I am living in another
country- I have opened my eyes- largely because of the different media.
  So there, have fun and think what can one do that will improve their
  See you- but; not in Wyoming.
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> Dear Susan,
> This kind of political commentary is off topic but not unexpected for
> list. I've endured so much far left liberal nonsense on
> What about alternative photography attracts such wacky thinking
> I must respond.
> What evidence do you offer to support your statement that "Capitalism
> not work for poeple nor for the environment!" ???
> Here in the United States, stronghold of capitalism, we have some of the
> strictest laws protecting the environment. Not perfect and there's
> room for improvement, but it's a damn sight better than most countries.
> argue that capitalism most definitely "works" for the people. We're
> with a very high standard of living, great wealth, a productive and
> economy and possibly the best personal rights and freedoms available
> anywhere.
> If capitalism doesn't work (as you assert), then lets look at Cuba,
> Korea, the former Soviet Union, etc..... How many people are starving
> North Korea? Are you aware of the environmental disasters in the former
> Soviet Union? I'll take capitalism anyday.
> What kind of work do you do Susan? I've been involved in sales for the
> 16 years. My career has been financially rewarding, but more
> I've helped many small business owners grow their businesses. That's
led to
> more people being hired, more people living the American dream,
providing a
> good life for themselves and their families. Capitalism is great! It's
> perfect, but what in this life is? It beats the hell out of starving in
> North Korea or living under the thumb of a tyrant in Cuba.
> As for Kodak discontinuing B&W paper, it's a wise and prudent business
> decision. Kodak needs to either remain profitable, or face financial
> Not to worry, if there's sufficient demand, a small manufacturer will
> in and capture the market that Kodak has abandoned.
> There is no "slide of big business", the very nature of capitalism
> that that won't happen. IMO, you're indulging in a fantasy.
> Dave Rose
> Powell, Wyoming
> > Hi John,
> > Late noteas I just got back from holiday- I agree with you but;
> you
> > I have been upset with Kodak for a long time and refuse all their
> > except AZO paper which is made here in Canada.
> > I lost all fith in those people when they yanked the POP off the
> > although the POP is much better now!
> > Hope we can halt the slide of big business but know it is
> > Capitalism does not work for poeple nor for the environment!
> > Always,
> > Susan
> >
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> > Subject: Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued? Good Ridence.
> >
> >
> > > These companies make the huge mistake that because a item
> not
> > > selling a billion dollars worth of every product they make a
> > they
> > > should get rid of it seeking only the most profitable
> > items.............They
> > > do not realize that if they were still selling a lot of the
> > and
> > > other discontinued items that I would not only be buying paper
> > them
> > > but chemicals as well and other supplies as well..........
> > > Then they move much of their manufacturing to third world
> > countries
> > > and now they expect me to buy my film from them when they cut off
> > > paper..... To top it off they have made it extremely difficult
> > > dealers to buy their product placing huge yearly minimal quotas
> > > them....... The small dealer can not meet these
> > they
> > > are only seeking huge profits............
> > > When I see this sort of mentality, all though I have rooted
> > them
> > > in the past as I am a die hard Kodak Fan, I say good
> > > Hopefully a company will emerge that has a service attitude toward
> their
> > > customers.... Some things you sell at a break even point, or even
> loss
> > to
> > > keep your customer base strong on other items you manufacture not
> > > discontinue them............. Also Maybe selling one box of 50
> sheets
> > 8x10
> > > Ectachrome for over "$400"???? has something to do with it as
> > > ......You can not convince me that they can not do small
> runs
> > and
> > > streamline thier marketing toward the small dealer and end user
> > increase
> > > thier market share ..........
> > > They have been living on easy street for to long....
> way
> > I
> > > see it , their heads are in their asses.....
> > > They still do not realize that there will always be the die hard
> > > Photographers in the world that will continue to buy these
> no
> > > matter what and they need to gear their operation toward them
> > they
> > > completely loose them as well..................... Do they really
> care??
> > > Probably not....


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