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Date: 07/12/05-08:45:44 PM Z
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Dear Susan,

This kind of political commentary is off topic but not unexpected for this
list. I've endured so much far left liberal nonsense on alt-photo-process.
What about alternative photography attracts such wacky thinking individuals?
I must respond.

What evidence do you offer to support your statement that "Capitalism does
not work for poeple nor for the environment!" ???

Here in the United States, stronghold of capitalism, we have some of the
strictest laws protecting the environment. Not perfect and there's always
room for improvement, but it's a damn sight better than most countries. I'd
argue that capitalism most definitely "works" for the people. We're blessed
with a very high standard of living, great wealth, a productive and robust
economy and possibly the best personal rights and freedoms available

If capitalism doesn't work (as you assert), then lets look at Cuba, North
Korea, the former Soviet Union, etc..... How many people are starving in
North Korea? Are you aware of the environmental disasters in the former
Soviet Union? I'll take capitalism anyday.

What kind of work do you do Susan? I've been involved in sales for the past
16 years. My career has been financially rewarding, but more importantly,
I've helped many small business owners grow their businesses. That's led to
more people being hired, more people living the American dream, providing a
good life for themselves and their families. Capitalism is great! It's not
perfect, but what in this life is? It beats the hell out of starving in
North Korea or living under the thumb of a tyrant in Cuba.

As for Kodak discontinuing B&W paper, it's a wise and prudent business
decision. Kodak needs to either remain profitable, or face financial ruin.
Not to worry, if there's sufficient demand, a small manufacturer will step
in and capture the market that Kodak has abandoned.

There is no "slide of big business", the very nature of capitalism ensures
that that won't happen. IMO, you're indulging in a fantasy.

Dave Rose
Powell, Wyoming

> Hi John,
> Late noteas I just got back from holiday- I agree with you but; unlike
> I have been upset with Kodak for a long time and refuse all their products
> except AZO paper which is made here in Canada.
> I lost all fith in those people when they yanked the POP off the shelf-
> although the POP is much better now!
> Hope we can halt the slide of big business but know it is impossible.
> Capitalism does not work for poeple nor for the environment!
> Always,
> Susan
> www.susanhuber.com
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> > These companies make the huge mistake that because a item is
> > selling a billion dollars worth of every product they make a year
> they
> > should get rid of it seeking only the most profitable
> items.............They
> > do not realize that if they were still selling a lot of the chemicals
> and
> > other discontinued items that I would not only be buying paper from
> them
> > but chemicals as well and other supplies as well..........
> > Then they move much of their manufacturing to third world
> countries
> > and now they expect me to buy my film from them when they cut off my
> > paper..... To top it off they have made it extremely difficult for
> > dealers to buy their product placing huge yearly minimal quotas on
> > them....... The small dealer can not meet these quotas........Again,
> they
> > are only seeking huge profits............
> > When I see this sort of mentality, all though I have rooted for
> them
> > in the past as I am a die hard Kodak Fan, I say good riddance.....
> > Hopefully a company will emerge that has a service attitude toward
> > customers.... Some things you sell at a break even point, or even a
> to
> > keep your customer base strong on other items you manufacture not just
> > discontinue them............. Also Maybe selling one box of 50
> 8x10
> > Ectachrome for over "$400"???? has something to do with it as well
> > ......You can not convince me that they can not do small production
> and
> > streamline thier marketing toward the small dealer and end user it
> increase
> > thier market share ..........
> > They have been living on easy street for to long.... The
> I
> > see it , their heads are in their asses.....
> > They still do not realize that there will always be the die hard
> > Photographers in the world that will continue to buy these products
> > matter what and they need to gear their operation toward them before
> they
> > completely loose them as well..................... Do they really
> > Probably not....
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