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You can always size with gum - no pigment and just coat & expose with
the dichromate as usual......just make sure you give it a good blast of
u.v. to harden it properly.
some people use gum plus chinese white to make a surface to print on.
Personally I like the paper base to shine through the print.

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two birdie shot here:
lump gum:
indeed, lump takes two days to dissolve...i tried grinding it up into
dust in a spice grinder too, it still took two days (don't grind, you'll
never be able to filter out the impurities)...Christina, I've seen your
gums online and they're magnificant...what ratio do you use for your gum
cc:gm? also, do you just spoon in your dichromate? would love to know
as for sizing, i don't have access to anything i can't make myself, so i
need a good old-fashioned sizing process i can do with household
ingredients...any thoughts? i've heard cornstarch, but that's not easy
to find in cairo

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Powder and lump are both fine, but powder you can use immediately. I
it up in the blender a couple quarts at a time. That said, I saw my prof
Sam Wang stir the gum powder right into his pigment/water/dichromate mix
brush his coat on!

I have never used gum in lump form, but it is said it takes a day or two
dissolve. I am not sure if this is true from firsthand experience. There
is a big can of the lumps in our grad studio, so I should see.

If you already have formalin, use that. I used to not size my paper, but
sizing produces very predictable results and prevents pigment stain. Try
size, and if stain haunts you, then size.

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From: "maria ahlberg"
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Subject! : Gum printing

>I wonder if there is any difference mixing gum arabicum from powder or
> How long does it take for the lump to become solution?
> I have a paper called BFK Rives 250gram and i have formalin, but i
> not decided if i should size the papers with this or with
> I have good experience with formalin, but i have never used
> Is there someone who can help me with this questions?
> Maria Ahlberg ,Sweden Uppsala

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