Clemson Workshop

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Date: 01/30/05-10:57:15 PM Z
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Thanks to Chris Anderson and Sam Wang for setting up the workshop at Clemson
for the graduate students and other folks who attended. What a great group
of people. It was like a "Mini—APIS" with people showing their work and lots
of discussion of photography.

Chris's presentation on Gum Stains was especially enlightening.

We tried to cram an awful lot into 2 days and Sandy King & Sam Wang were
extremely helpful with their expertise and know how.

What a great time with great people.

Love those ice storms!!!!

Mark Nelson

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> We had a  Mark Nelson PDN (digineg) workshop here at Clemson this weekend,
> despite the ice storm which cut out half the group the second day.  Don
> Bryant came from Georgia.  Don, Sandy King, Sam Wang, Mark Nelson, and
> myself and 9 others all in the same room!  We should have had an APIS.
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