Mark Nelson

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/30/05-09:30:14 PM Z
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Hi Don,

It was good to see you in Clemson. I went over there not expecting to
learn much new stuff since I have been working with PDN for quite
some time, but Mark is such a genius with Photoshop I came away with
a whole bunch of new ideas.

Sorry I could not make it over there on Saturday. We had a lot more
snow and ice in Greenville than in Clemson, and then I live at the
bottom of a very steep hill that is virtually impossible to go up,
even in 4-wheel drive, when there is snow. I was about to give it a
try but just as I was heading for my car I saw this fellow try to
make it up the hill and he slid off the road and banged a neighbour's
car. I headed right back into the house after that.

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