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Powder and lump are both fine, but powder you can use immediately. I whip
it up in the blender a couple quarts at a time. That said, I saw my prof
Sam Wang stir the gum powder right into his pigment/water/dichromate mix and
brush his coat on!

I have never used gum in lump form, but it is said it takes a day or two to
dissolve. I am not sure if this is true from firsthand experience. There
is a big can of the lumps in our grad studio, so I should see.

If you already have formalin, use that. I used to not size my paper, but
sizing produces very predictable results and prevents pigment stain. Try no
size, and if stain haunts you, then size.

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>I wonder if there is any difference mixing gum arabicum from powder or from
> How long does it take for the lump to become solution?
> I have a paper called BFK Rives 250gram and i have formalin, but i have
> not decided if i should size the papers with this or with glutaraldehyd.
> I have good experience with formalin, but i have never used glutaraldehyd?
> Is there someone who can help me with this questions?
> Maria Ahlberg ,Sweden Uppsala
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