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From: Christina Z. Anderson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/30/05-08:34:55 PM Z
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Sam and Dan,
This was my experience this summer. Fab Artistico hates Ware's. The color
in the highlights is gross lavender brown.
Someone posted recently a remedy about adding citric acid to the formula.
3-4 drops of 40% citric acid to every 3 ml sensitizer to make Fab Artistico
less paper reactionary. I have not tried this, and don't remember who the
sharer was, but I just switched to the traditional cyano when using
BTW, to prove the alkalinity point, dip your already done print in a bath
acidified with vinegar, and watch the tan turn to blue.

> Dan,
> A TAN stain? If the cyanotype produced tan colors, the paper or the water
> is probably too alkaline.
> My experience with the Ware cyanotype was not good. It seemed to fog
> easily in my situation. But that fog is light cyan, obviously not the same
> as yours. Sam
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