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From: Sam Wang ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/30/05-03:18:20 PM Z
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A TAN stain? If the cyanotype produced tan colors, the paper or the water is probably too alkaline.

My experience with the Ware cyanotype was not good. It seemed to fog easily in my situation. But that fog is light cyan, obviously not the same as yours.

One way you might try in getting rid of the tan is to bleach it further, with ammonia or sodium carbonate. Then try reverting the image back to cyan by immersing it in vinegar. No guarantees, but worth a try.

Sam Wang

>Following Sam Wang's tri-color directions and using
>Ware's New Cyanotype mix on Fabriano Artisco Bright
>140# paper, I am getting a tan stain in the
>highlights. This after soaking the paper for more than
>an hour. the rest of the image is fine. Is there any
>way to remove the stain or do I have to live with it?
>Could it be a reaction to the paper?
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