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Date: 01/30/05-06:46:52 PM Z
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> MessageMarilyn,
> I thought I would add my comments about Maco Genius
> Printfilm. We have recently tested it by producing our
> T2115 21 step, step tablet on it. It is comparable to
> Ilford Ortho Plus in grain structure but has a wider
> density range. During the testing I was able to achieve a
> DMax of 4.3 with a base (Dmin) of .04. It was developed in
> Ilford Phenisol (which sadly has been discontinued) and
> Ilford HC. Both of which provided similar results.
> I know your application is totally different from ours but
> thought a little added, variant information about the film
> might come in handy.
> Sincerely,
> Kevin Morris
> Stouffer Industries
   Its too bad Freestyle does not have any sensitometric
data on this film. Some curves would answer a lot of

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