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> I don't want the added hassle of messing with color chemistry and I've got a
> large quantity of outdated E6 film. Short of doing what one is supposed to
> do: soup it in E6 or cross-process in C41, is there any way I can get a B&W
> image, positive or negative, by using B&W chemistry? Judging by the one roll
> I processed with Rodinal (which resembles fogged B&W), the prospect doesn't
> look good, but I thought someone here might have a suggestion.
> Keith

I believe that color film has a number of dyes in it that react not too well
with b&w chemistry. What you could try... (Iım really going out on a limb
here, I have no idea if this may work at all...) is to develop your film in
b&w film developper, run it through a bleach step, and tone it, to get the
image back, without all the dyes...

Since your film is just sitting around, some experimentation is probably
My guess is that the silver image has been developped in your negs, but you
need to get rid of the pigments that form the transparency image... On
second thought, maybe a bleach wonıt work either...

Anyhow, do one try with a bleach, and see how it goes ( Iıd put it after the

Keep us informed of your progres...

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