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Date: 01/30/05-05:38:37 PM Z
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thanks for the ideas, will give it a try...
--- Sam Wang <> wrote:

> Dan,
> A TAN stain? If the cyanotype produced tan colors,
> the paper or the water is probably too alkaline.
> My experience with the Ware cyanotype was not good.
> It seemed to fog easily in my situation. But that
> fog is light cyan, obviously not the same as yours.
> One way you might try in getting rid of the tan is
> to bleach it further, with ammonia or sodium
> carbonate. Then try reverting the image back to cyan
> by immersing it in vinegar. No guarantees, but worth
> a try.
> Sam Wang
> >Following Sam Wang's tri-color directions and using
> >Ware's New Cyanotype mix on Fabriano Artisco Bright
> >140# paper, I am getting a tan stain in the
> >highlights. This after soaking the paper for more
> than
> >an hour. the rest of the image is fine. Is there
> any
> >way to remove the stain or do I have to live with
> it?
> >Could it be a reaction to the paper?
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