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Thank you, Kate. I appreciate your help.


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>I went to Freestyle and copied this :
> MACO Genius Print film is a high silver content, chlorobromide,
> orthochromatic emulsion coated on a clear 170 micron polyester base. It
> was designed as a replacement for Agfa's Gevatone N31P and is excellent
> for creating enlarged negatives (in a two-step process) for contact
> printing. Used by many alternative process photographers the world over
> as the industry standard.
> It has an ISO rating of 25 and a speed of P400. Varying the
> concentration of the developer can control the ISO range. For example
> using Dektol™, or LPD™ in stock solution increases the contrast. Further
> dilution reduces the contrast. Experimenting with different dilutions
> and developing times will produce the desired results.
> Genius Print film tones in all available toners: Cachet/MACO Sepia,
> Selenia and Azure Blue toners. With the blue toner, underexpose by
> 0.5-1.0 stops because blue toners add image density.
> The Genius Print Film emulsion is relatively fast. Use a standard step
> wedge to determine exposure times. Put a black card under the film to
> avoid bounce back through the transparent substrate. Develop at least
> two minutes with all developers regardless of dilutions.
> Good Luck
> Kate
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