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Date: 01/30/05-09:27:03 AM Z
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Good morning, Tim and Judy!

Frosty ice storm morning for us here in South Carolina.

So there you have it, Tim: can't wait to hear your results as to whether the
yellow comes out or not on your Cranes. Judy is using good ol' New York
water, I am using South Carolina water. Try soaking a piece for several
hours and let us know what you find.

It did not come out of Artistico or Arches Aquarelle; maybe the release of
the stain is dependent on the paper. Judy, what paper cleared for you?

Since papers yellow differently down here with the same practice, there has
to be a relationship to the paper of some sort. I don't remember yellowing
occurring when I used to use Rives BFK in Montana (well water there), but
then again I wasn't aware of the yellowing problem back then. Cranes yellows
too, huh?

We had a Mark Nelson PDN (digineg) workshop here at Clemson this weekend,
despite the ice storm which cut out half the group the second day. Don
Bryant came from Georgia. Don, Sandy King, Sam Wang, Mark Nelson, and
myself and 9 others all in the same room! We should have had an APIS.

Don and I spent the night together--er--at my house (ha! thought I'd liven
up the list with a rumor! It's been waaaaay too quiet on the list this
week); he saw my yellowed papers, and didn't think they were ugly (the Extra
White Artistico becomes a creamy ivory), so you could certainly still use
the yellowed paper as a cream paper.

Don also brought me a bunch of his Rives glyoxal sized papers here for me to
check out and work with. His paper looks darn good to me, except for a
little yellowing in drips on the edge of the paper. That I can live with.

One thing I was thinking about with sizing: I think I mentioned a while
back a speckling stain on the third coat (magenta) on glyoxal sized Rives
BFK paper. Don had that exact thing on his gum prints on Rives. I just
want to throw this observation out there: with glyoxal, the gelatin feels
"gritty" to me on the surface of the paper. With glut, it feels smooth. I
get speckle staining with glyoxal on the last of three or four coats, and
never with glut. Another minus, as far as I am concerned, about glyoxal.
But others use it and love it, so certainly don't take my word for it.

Don is going to test glut shortly. Don, you are going to coat some Rives
with it, I hope?
The end.

>> Tim,
>> The yellowing with glyoxal is permanent. It does not come out with a
>> long soak.
>> Chris
> I found this not to be true. The samples I had that yellowed bleached
> back to paper white after a several hour soak in plain water.
> Judy
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