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Marilyn, It has been some time since I worked with this film. I had some
good luck when I ran test in 8x10, but when I tried it in 20x24, the film
was full of defects. I used HC110, Ilfotec HC and Dektol. I don't have any
of my data in front of me now. Exposures that are approaching 1 minute seem
very long. I measure the light out put of the enlarger to 1 ft/cd. I seem
to remember exposures in the 2 to 10 sec range for a well made positive.
Much of the exposure and developer is dependant on density range of your
positive though, it's hard to give you a good place to start. Can you give
any specifics as to your set up?



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I've asked this at another web site, but thought this may be the place I
should be asking.


I am about to experiment making 8 X 10 negatives, via an enlarger, using
Cachet, MACO Genius printfilm. Has anyone used this film before? If so,
what developer do you use? Where would you start with your exposure?


The negatives are to be used for cyanotypes and gums.


Any comment would be appreciated. Thank you.





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