Re: MACO Genius printfilm

From: Eric S. Theise ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/27/05-07:38:25 PM Z
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Kate M writes:
> Hi Marilyn, try going to HYPERLINK
> "" and looking up the
> development times on their chaqrt - but maybe someone else has an
> address for the maco site?

This link has a tech sheet -- -- but my
memory is that they include better tech specs with the film.

Marilyn writes:
> I am about to experiment making 8 X 10 negatives, via an enlarger,
> using Cachet, MACO Genius printfilm. Has anyone used this film
> before? If so, what developer do you use? Where would you start
> with your exposure?

I've used this as (pinhole) camera negative, and for making transparent
positives for photogravure. Haven't tried making enlarged negatives
with it.

I start with Dektol at a dilution of 1:9, and have ended up using
a range of between 1:7 and 1:12. Enlarger exposure is typically
30-120 seconds at f8. Pinhole camera exposure is all over the map.

I do a 60 second presoak, because there is an orange anti-halation
coating that needs to come off, then try to get my development to
be around 90-120 seconds.

This all under a red safelight.

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