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Date: 01/29/05-05:11:36 PM Z
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I just read thru most of this thread, and am not sure if the question has
been answered. I did a bunch of Maco Genius negs a while back. Maco
Printfilm is just that: it is a BW enlarging paper that is on a clear base
and not a paper white one. That is how it was explained to me by the
website (Maco or Freestyle) a couple years back--before my switch to digital
negs. Dmax is incredibly high, very rich blacks. It is continuous tone.

I exposed it, enlarging a 4x5 onto 8x10, for 16 seconds (for some stupid
reason, no f stop recorded, which means I probably was at f8 or 11, but at
least you know the time is that long--just like you might have for a BW
enlarging paper), with a 2 min development in Dektol 1:7 to deal with its
contrasty nature. You get plenty of density with this film.

> I am about to experiment making 8 X 10 negatives, via an enlarger, using
> Cachet, MACO Genius printfilm. Has anyone used this film before? If
> so, what developer do you use? Where would you start with your
> exposure?
> The negatives are to be used for cyanotypes and gums.
> Any comment would be appreciated. Thank you.
> Marilyn
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