Re: cyanotype on glass ( how to clean the glass and other stuff)

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Date: 01/27/05-12:37:13 PM Z
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Subject: Re: cyanotype on glass ( how to clean the glass and other stuff)
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 15:41:08 +0100

> The main trouble however will be to get an even and nice coating
> without air bobbles. You have to figure out what can work best for you.
> It depends on the size of the glass and your personal patience. Some
> use glass rods, I like to pour a weak gelatin solution many times in
> different directions, drying in between the coats. But that is time
> consuming!

Do you remember my post about Tergitol L-62? It's a defoaming
surfactant that makes this sort of coating very easy. About 0.1-0.5%
of the total volume would do. I use it to coat with a brush on paper,
and also with a wire wound glass rod on glass plate. You can find more
about it here:

The problem is that photographic chemical supply houses don't have
this surfactant, but this type of surfactant must be pretty common as
a rinsing agent for automatic washing machines. (offlist email for a
possible source --- *serious* inquiries only)

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