Re: cyanotype on glass ( how to clean the glass and other stuff)

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Date: 01/27/05-12:21:00 PM Z
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Galina Manikova escreveu:

> The main trouble however will be to get an even and nice coating without
> air bobbles. You have to figure out what can work best for you. It
> depends on the size of the glass and your personal patience. Some use
> glass rods, I like to pour a weak gelatin solution many times in
> different directions, drying in between the coats. But that is time
> consuming!
> During the last class in Denmark, a student has made a few beautiful
> cyanotypes on really big old window frames. It is difficult to get en
> even coat in such big sizes!

On a related note, IŽd like to share what I did right now, some kind of
"Van Dyke/Gum print", and IŽd like to know if someone else had done
this.Am I joining the worst of both worlds, the possibility of yellow
stain of Van Dyke with the long development times of gum printing? My
motto of trying this was that the coat will be necessarilly thicker with
the gum, making denser browns in one coat - but I can be wrong. Is there
anything wrong with that?
Thanks in advance,
Rodolpho Pajuaba
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