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Date: 01/27/05-08:41:08 AM Z
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you have got a few hints about cleaning the glass, just remember to
clean away the cleaner!

The last cleaning should be done with strong alcohol, I use rather
vodka or 96% alcohol, not isopropanol!

The "sizing" (gelatin coat base on glass) should be hardened, either
with hardener inside or as an afterbath.

You do not need a hardener inside the gelatin which is added to the
emulsion itself. In fact, I have never bothered to calculate a new
formula for this procedure as it works just fine with 1/3 to 2/3
composition, but one can do it in a more accurate way by integrating
the gelatin inside the cyanotype formula. In that manner your cyanotype
will not loose its proper concentration, which is the case when you add
  gelatin solution to the ready cyanotype emulsion. Just remember to
hold everything warm.

The main trouble however will be to get an even and nice coating
without air bobbles. You have to figure out what can work best for you.
It depends on the size of the glass and your personal patience. Some
use glass rods, I like to pour a weak gelatin solution many times in
different directions, drying in between the coats. But that is time

During the last class in Denmark, a student has made a few beautiful
cyanotypes on really big old window frames. It is difficult to get en
even coat in such big sizes!

Once upon a time there was an austrian artist on the list (Harald
Leban, if I remeber correctly), I do not know if he is still around.
Does anybody know? I have lost contact with him.

He had suggested to add some chemicals to gelatin in order to be able
to coat it by spraying. I have never got to trying that, but am very

Does anybody have any ideas about that? What can one add to gelatin to
make it more "slow" in drying, so one can spray coat it eventually?


Galina Manikova

On Jan 26, 2005, at 8:06 PM, Carmen Lizardo wrote:

> Dear list,
> A student of mine (Kelly) wants to do cyanotype on
> glass. She has been fallowing Galina's technique
> published in the Christopher James book, but we canít
> figure out with what to clean the glass. I found that
> the C. James book recommends something called
> "rottenstone" but I donít know what this is or where
> to get it.
> And a couple of more questions: The formula for the
> sensitizer calls for one part "prepared" gelatin to
> two parts sensitizer, is this prepared solution a
> combined mix of gelatin and hardener such as glyoxal?
> What is the easiest way to coat the glass?
> Thank you kindly
> Carmen and Kelly
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