Re: 500W Halogen lamps instead of a flourescent box?

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I'm sure that different emulsions have different response times and curves.

I'm using blueprint paper for work with some of my younger students and
solarplates with a group of blind kids.

Distance is approximately 12" (depending on the exact thickness of the
particular textbooks I commandeer.) :-)

And time is approximately 3.5 - 4 minutes (depending on how long it
takes me to finish whatever the heck I'm in the middle of telling them
while we're waiting.)

Hardly an exact formula with consistent results. Plenty good enough.
Nothing hot. My biggest concern is that some kid will trip over an
electric cord, pull the whole thing crashing to the floor and shattering
the fluorescent tube. BOOM! (I try to tape down the cords, but don't
always have time.)


SteveS wrote:

> How far from the paper are your lamps, Barry? And, how long are your
> average times?
> S. Shapiro
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> Michael,
> I also use those lights as I'm finishing my basement to make studio
> space.
> I've seen the warnings, but I'm skeptical about using them for a UV
> source. Halogen bulbs burn very hot and can shatter - especially if
> the person who loads the bulb gets their greasy mitts on the glass.
> (I'm SURE it's NEVER happened to ME...)
> I also was in need of a UV source. I cannibalized a couple of 24"
> aquarium hoods from an old tank. ($10 at Good Will) These take 18" UV
> (black light) fluorescent tubes. Got the tubes at home despot for
> about $8 each.
> The nice part is I don't have to light up the whole neighborhood for
> hours at a time -- or run the air conditioner in January.
> Try it out.
> Barry
> Michael Koch-Schulte wrote:
> I've been painting a room as of late. I'm using one of those high output
> 500W "work lights" with a steel tube frame stand, available for
> $10-$15 at
> most hardware stores. It's got a clear UV filter plate on the front of it
> and all sorts of warnings about not removing it yah-da-yah-da. Can I
> use it
> to create a contact print? I'm thinking mounting it at a distance of
> about
> 3' from the 8X10 frame? Do-able, usable or inadvisable?
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