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Thanks for the suggestion. I picked up a 6x6 Tillman brand
( curtain from a local welding supply today for ~$38. In
my case, I cut it down the center fold crease (it's vinyl, so it will cut
with plain scissors) and attached it to an Amergraph plate burner draping
down from the top. One-half of the curtain covered both sides and the back,
and the remaining half is attached to the front so it can be flipped up out
of the way for access to the machine's bed and controls. As a bonus, it
will not only save my eyes, but also keep cats--one began working on his tan
as soon as the machine was in the house--and dust out of the burner. The
only drawback I have found is that the curtain smells/feels like it has a
thin film of motor oil on it from the manufacturing process, and I may take
it down to give it a good bath and get rid of that.


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>>I was wondering what the more safety conscious of us are wearing for
protection against UV light. I'm finally working with a machine
enough that I'm concerned about UV exposure, and I want to make sure I'm
doing everything I should to protect my sight. Almost everything
today says it blocks 99.9% of UV, but <<

I purchased an ~6'x10' welding curtain from a local welder's supply
house for about $25 IIRC. It hangs from a suspended ceiling via shower
curtain hooks and encircles the NuArc 26-1K plateburner that I use for
alternative processes. I bought it wide enough so that overlaps about
6" in the front of the unit and I close it using a couple of those large
magnetic clips that are meant to hold papers/notes to metal cabinets.
This allows easy access to the front of the machine and controls. There
is also about 3" of space between the curtain and ceiling so that heat
has a chimney-like escape route from the unit.

Using this curtain I don't have to worry about the UV or wearing
personal protection. I've tested some papers coated with cyanotype and
VDB emulsions placed about a foot from the curtain over an exposure of
about 10-15 minutes and very little fogging occurred so I assume the UV
is blocked safely as long as I don't stare through the curtain for any
length of time while the prints are cooking. This setup allows me to be
in the same room while the UV unit is operating without worrying about
burning up my retinas. Also, the curtain is fairly transparent to
visible wavelengths (like a big gray neutral density filter) so I can
actually check the exposure progress on the LED display (and within the
frame if I had any reason to do so, which I don't) while the UV is on.
A similar setup perhaps could isolate your machine safely. Plus, they
come in a variety of colors for the fashion conscious.

Now, if I could only do something about the noise the unit makes I'd be
a happy camper.

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