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> I've always been a big fan of Martha's...I have the
> first twelve years of her
> magazine (and I'm a straight, middle aged
> man....

Now do I really have to ask whether we need any more
proof that the fumes from the chemicals we alt
photographers breathe do harm to our minds?

Where's Susan Powter when we need her. We need to
"stop this insanity"!

I suggest that we start a fund to send alt
photographers to the open spaces to breathe fresh air.
I think that Jack runs a camping trip into Neveda (?
or some place out west, I forgot to turn on my
darkroom exhaust fan today) -- which should be plenty
of fresh air. Unless there is still trace radiation in
the air that may interact with the alt chemicals.

Argon3, I think you should be our poster boomer (child
just didn't seem appropriate ). Just post a jpeg on
your website (remember attachments to this list are
not permitted) and we'll (or at least someone, I hope)
will design the poster. I'm going to be too busy this
weekend shovelling snow.

Sign me,

Shovel in hand in central NJ


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