Bad Martha

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Date: 01/21/05-12:42:12 AM Z
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On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 wrote:

> Their acts were the same. Both sold stock based on negative information
> that was not available to the public. His was more serious only because
> he had more stock to sell. More of these guys are coming up for trial
> and they are all male. We shall see who goes to prison.

A case could be made that whoever goes to prison now goes to justify the
brig for Martha, tho I hope never to know enough about the topic to
speculate further. What is indeed quite interesting meanwhile is that
today's (thursday's) NY Times reports that stock in Martha's company has
totally rebounded, if not gained (I forget), and the television program
she will begin on her release is getting higher rates for its time slots
than her pre-prison program.

It just goes to show, the world likes a bad girl.

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