Good Grief ! Re: ULF photography

From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/21/05-12:36:02 AM Z
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Good grief, as if I didn't have enough on my hands here in analog land
without starting some complex scheme to -- I don't know, get Sandy to
admit he was wrong, cause Ryuji pain and suffering unbearable at his
tender age -- so extreme he saw (me I guess, maybe others) as COCKROACHES
(good grief again!). Or just tie up the list which could have been
titrating chemicals or other worthy pursuits in the G-ULF wars for days !?

Why in the world would I do that? Out of malice? Really? Boredom? Again,
really? Time on my hands? (I wish.) Hate for the list? Disdain for ULF?
Or some other Machiavelian scheme just described ? (I'll have to check
again to see what I'm up to -- I didn't "get" it on first reading.) Hey
guys, sometimes the obvious explanation is also the simplest -- I just
forgot. I suppose I was taken enough with the term to mention it in
September, though I don't remember that either. Seeing it again, I got
curious -- and asked.

Now whether that was a contribution to ULF or not is hard to say. I doubt
I'll forget the term again -- and other folks will probably remember it
too, for better or worse. (And now I realize I'm getting interested in
USP -- ultra small photography. Though I promise not to use the term -- if
I remember.)

Meanwhile, my experience on this list is that though my lapse of memory
may have had the direst results, others forget stuff too... and it still
seems to me that all this could have been avoided with a simple 3-word
explanation. Maybe my way of asking was too arch -- but that's bad
literature, not bad manners. The contretemps was at least partly fueled by
the shutdown at Panix -- I got Sandy's dismissal well before the
explanation. But I still see the sequella as .... unnecessary.

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