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Their acts were the same. Both sold stock based on negative information that was not available to the public. His was more serious only because he had more stock to sell. More of these guys are coming up for trial and they are all male. We shall see who goes to prison.

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> > As I said before, Martha got months in jail, her male counterpart, Sam
> > Waxel (sp?) got years in jail. How do you twist that into females are
> > victims.
> >
> > George
> The article(s) I've read did mention that, but they also indicated that
> his crime was much more serious. I am not expert enough to have retained
> the desiderata, but I'll watch for them next time.
> However,it occurs to me to wonder if HE would have gone to jail if not for
> the notoriety associated with Martha Stewart. Just pick up the Times
> Business section any day -- they got a million of them... So far, jail is
> the exception.
> Judy
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