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Concerning the ULF controversy, I just thought it was the guys with the big
cameras and the black sheet over their heads. Anyway, I think we all need to
settle down, have cup of tea and read a poem:


'Tis the last print in Silver
Left mould'ring alone,
All her gold-toned companions
Are faded and gone.
No print of her kindred,
Albumen, is nigh,
To reflect back her jaundice
So sad to the eye.
I will leave thee, thou lone one,
To vanish away
And to all fellow-workers
With confidence say
Go, print now in Carbon,
Or platinum choose
As long recommended
By friend Jabez Hughes.
So soon may all follow
A 'Permanent way,'
And from out of our albums
No prints fade away.
For when Albumen's yellow,
and Chloride is flown,
Platino and Carbon
Shall still hold their own.
--Edgar Clifton, 1887

Edgar Clifton, "The Last Print in Silver," British Journal of Photography
Almanac and Photographer's
Daily Companion, H. Greenwood & Co., London (1887), p.137.
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