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Date: 01/17/05-10:39:10 PM Z
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I am very interested in ELF photography. I just ordered a new macro lens
which I hope to use for photographing Elves (not Elvis). I am just not quite
sure where to start though in terms of finding some prime Elf habitat. Sandy,
I was hoping you might be willing to share some of your favorite spots where
one might go to photograph elves. Are there any filters one should use in
order to render elves in a more detailed manner? Also, I was wondering if you
would be willing to share some of your hints on Elf etiquette? I would hope
not to offend any of the Elf community when approaching them.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Mark Nelson

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> On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 sanking@CLEMSON.EDU wrote:
> > ...  People who do not know that
> > ULF means ultra large format are likely to have little or nothing to
> > contribute to your site.
> In which case, screw 'em?
> J.
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