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Date: 01/18/05-10:51:13 PM Z
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Are you sure it was the Chinese lady's ELF that you were trying to
photograph....perhaps something got "lost in translation"?

I tried to photograph Smerfs once, but I used the wrong color filter and
rendered them invisible...

Mark Nelson

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> > I am very interested in ELF photography. 
> > I was hoping you might be willing to share some of
> your favorite spots where  one might go to photograph
> elves. 
> Unless they have moved since I was there last,
> Russia, by all means Russia!
> >I would hope not to offend any of the Elf community when
> approaching them.
> First, you have to gain their trust and respect. They
> don't really like being photographed, but it has been
> done. They are really afraid that their life might
> endangered if they are photographed... (I was once
> attacked by an old Chinese lady when she caught me
> photographing hers...) I ran even though I was twice her
> size... it just seemed the right thing to do)
> Anyway good luck with your project!
> Let me know if you get any good shots!
> (You might want to pak a really high speed camera to
> capture their moves in slow motion) It is really worth the
> effort!
> Ray
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