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Date: 01/18/05-04:04:40 AM Z
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> I am very interested in ELF photography.
> I was hoping you might be willing to share some of
your favorite spots where one might go to photograph

Unless they have moved since I was there last,
Russia, by all means Russia!

>I would hope not to offend any of the Elf community when
approaching them.

First, you have to gain their trust and respect. They
don't really like being photographed, but it has been
done. They are really afraid that their life might
endangered if they are photographed... (I was once
attacked by an old Chinese lady when she caught me
photographing hers...) I ran even though I was twice her
size... it just seemed the right thing to do)

Anyway good luck with your project!

Let me know if you get any good shots!
(You might want to pak a really high speed camera to
capture their moves in slow motion) It is really worth the


> Thanks in advance for your help,
> Mark Nelson
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> > > ... People who do not know that
> > > ULF means ultra large format are likely to have
> little or nothing to
> > > contribute to your site.
> >
> >
> > In which case, screw 'em?
> >
> > J.
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