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Date: 01/14/05-11:01:55 AM Z
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Well I think what happened is that originally someone from Camera Arts
inquired about me writing the article for them. Then she started saying that
it was great that I use a large format camera because that means it could go
in either publication (Camera Arts, View Camera). She mention a "pay per
word" option and would work out the details as things progressed. Then I got
passed on to someone at View Camera and all this was happening at a very
personal and complex transitional time in my life and I didn't work out the
details personally with the new person (I'm not naming people here because I
don't necessarily blame anyone). So I sent the article along, was placed in
the Nov/Dec issue and now I don't get any response from any of the two
people I was dealing with when I email them.

At the same time, I have a hard time trying to push all this hard because it
was an amazing opportunity for me. Not only that, they published four of my
images (the real important part in my mind). So it's hard for me to complain
that I didn't get paid. Catch 22.


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I also had a hard time getting paid by Camera Arts for the two articles I
did for them. In the end I made myself a PITA and called him every week or
ten days. He became so annoyed with me he finally sent the check. I'm quite
sure if I called him today he'd hang up on me!

In his defense, publishers are notoriously slow and reluctant to pay
stringers. Plus, I doubt he's getting rich publishing that magazine. Still,
he could learn to smile once in a while....

Good luck! The exposure you got from the article is certainly worth

Best - Jon

On Fri, 14 Jan 2005, Christopher Lovenguth wrote:

> Here is their contact. I just found out that they are splitting up Camera
> Arts and View Camera in to two different entities. Maybe that's why I
> haven't been able to get anybody over at View Camera about payment for the
> article I wrote for them....ah learned the hard way not having a formal
> contract first before giving them materials ;)

Judy Seigel wrote:

Can you take it to small claims court? Enforcement isn't easy, but it
might be fun. And get their attention.

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