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In Photoshop an "Automate>pdf presentation" command gives some nice
possibilities including automatic advancement, variety and timing of
transitions, and security. It launches with a black screen background.
With a pdf reader (for both platforms) included on the CD disc
andbody, anywhere should be able to launch the presentation. It runs
manually too with directional keys and quits upon pressing the escape
key. Not bad for jurying I'd think.

That new mini-mac is more powerful than my main computer, a gig of RAM
would be the ticket plus the additional Superdrive. When all is said
and done, if you include the price of a good lcd monitor and the
keyboard, the price is comparable to one of the 15 inch
ain't no G5, dual processor though. I personally wouldn't buy one for
my main work, but to reduce my desktop clutter at work and it makes
more than good sense to me if were talking day to day computing, where
a hi-rez monitor isn't needed.


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Subject: Submitting work on CD.
Dear Alt. Process Brain Trust,

I need to submit some of my work to a judged show in my local area.
Submissions have to be on CD or 2z2 slides.

Any hints, tips, or advice on making a CD presentation? I don't know
if the
CD will be viewed on a Mac or PC but I'm considering making a PDF
submission, but I don't know if that is the best approach.

BTW, if anyone wants to boost any of my images I would be honored!

And drifting again off topic, has anyone read about the Mini-Mac
last week by Apple? I suppose it may fall into the category of a
computer but if it has real computing power I might be tempted.


Don Bryant

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