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From: Jonathan Bailey ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/14/05-07:48:01 AM Z
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I also had a hard time getting paid by Camera Arts for the two articles I
did for them. In the end I made myself a PITA and called him every week or
ten days. He became so annoyed with me he finally sent the check. I'm quite
sure if I called him today he'd hang up on me!

In his defense, publishers are notoriously slow and reluctant to pay
stringers. Plus, I doubt he's getting rich publishing that magazine. Still,
he could learn to smile once in a while....

Good luck! The exposure you got from the article is certainly worth

Best - Jon

On Fri, 14 Jan 2005, Christopher Lovenguth wrote:

> Here is their contact. I just found out that they are splitting up Camera
> Arts and View Camera in to two different entities. Maybe that's why I
> haven't been able to get anybody over at View Camera about payment for the
> article I wrote for them....ah learned the hard way not having a formal
> contract first before giving them materials ;)

Judy Seigel wrote:

Can you take it to small claims court? Enforcement isn't easy, but it
might be fun. And get their attention.

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