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From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/14/05-08:00:13 AM Z
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> HOWEVER -- I was so taken with Susan's description of the background
> eraser, I summoned it next day. What I found was that it doesn't work
> for my city skies: There's always stuff in the sky, thin or intricate
> stuff, like power lines, or flag poles, or traffic lights, or guy wires or
> scaffolding of
> one kind or another. With the magic wand I can just click on both sides
> and leave the line isolated. With the background eraser, the task of
> isolating a thin power line would be impossible, or at best more trouble
> than it's worth.

No, no, no. Your doing that the hard way. You really need Katrin's book.

Don Bryant
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