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They do everything on spec. If they pay for it they use it, if they don't
they don't use it. If you want it back, send SASE. If you don't send SASE
with the original material, don't expect to ever see it again.

Good luck.

Amusing story: I had a long spat with Simmons about my writing. Judy
Seigel will attest to the fact that my writing has, at times some serious
flaws. Toward the end of this diatribe with Simmons, I copied a Steinbeck
passage, changed the names and noun objects; but it was reacted to by
Simmons with such a barrage of negative critizisms. Even his writers (he
sometimes pays writers to appear on site to verify and clarify, write
articles) who appeared to finalize this one story confided to me how he uses
this [email] writing example of awful stuff.

So, you're dealing with a guy who hates Nobel Laurate writing . . . what
else can be said. The guy is one person who works at a desk with papers
falling off on the floor, I have been told. He's a dedicated person,
dedicated to view camera photography, and I enjoy reading most of the stuff
that gets into the magazine. Lots of luck, if you retain your own sense of
character, deal with the excentrics.
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> Judy....
> Here is their contact. I just found out that they are splitting up Camera
> Arts and View Camera in to two different entities. Maybe that's why I
> haven't been able to get anybody over at View Camera about payment for the
> article I wrote for them....ah learned the hard way not having a formal
> contract first before giving them materials ;)
> CameraArts
> P.O. Box 3941
> Albuquerque, NM 87190
> Shipping Address:
> 2403 San Mateo Blvd., NE, S-3
> Albuquerque, NM 87110
> T: (505) 881-2717 . F: (505) 212-0330
> . Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm Mountain Time
> -Chris
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> Mark that's exactly what I want to do -- but what's their phone number:
> It's not in the Manhattan phone book !
> my system is going down it says in 5 seconds... later,
> Judy
> On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 wrote:
>> Hi Judy,
>> I don't know if it is brilliant or not, but here is a brilliant
>> Camera Arts Magazine and they will send you the
>> magazine
> for $2.00 plus
>> shipping. It's like ordering a back issue even though it is the current
>> issue....and actually cheaper than buying it at the store.
>> Well,'s a great article hehehehehehe
>> By the way, I'm in Clearwater, Florida ..and giving a talk tomorrow night
> on
>> Precision Digital Negatives to the Large Format Group here at the
> invitation
>> of Joe Tomaskovsky‚?"I think the meeting is in Largo, but trusting Jane
>> to
> guide
>> me there. If anyone is in the neighborhood and would like to attend,
>> let
> me
>> know and I will try to email info.
>> Mark Nelson
>> In a message dated 1/12/05 10:28:45 PM, writes:
>>>> And speaking of "the literature' -- I tried to get the Camera Arts
>>>> magazine with Mark's brilliant article about digital negatives. I even
>>>> went-- if you could BELIEVE -- above 14th Street.¬ Nobody had Camera
> Arts,
>>>> in fact one magazine store (the one in Grand Central that has
>>>> explained that it doesn't distribute except by subscription, though
>>>> somehow that doesn't seem likely.
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