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Date: 01/14/05-01:02:59 AM Z
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I for one would love to have it for publication on the ULF webpage...
Go and take a look at , and send me a note if
you'd like to be among our first feature articles...



On 1/14/05 6:56 AM, "Eric Nelson" <> wrote:

> It would be polite of them to reply by now.
> Since it seems you won't get that, I'd call, and if
> you can't get thru to someone, I guess you'd have to
> say "no news is bad news" and find another pub that
> I'm sure would run it.
> eric
> --- "Robert W. Schramm" <>
> wrote:
>> What do you think of this?
>> About a year and a half ago I wrote a how-to-do-it
>> article on chrysotype
>> (gold prints ) explaining the process and including
>> complete instructions
>> and formulas, as well as, several images of my own
>> chrysotype prints. I sent
>> this article to "Photo Techniques." After about a
>> week I received an e-mail
>> message from the then Editor Joe White praising the
>> article and telling me
>> that they would run it in one of the spring issues.
>> As I am a subscriber, I watched for the article to
>> appear. It never did. In
>> the summer I wrote several e-mails to the editor. He
>> never answered. Then I
>> wrote a couple of snail mail letters. They were not
>> answered. In the fall I
>> noticed that there was a new editor. So I wrote him
>> a letter and sent him a
>> copy of the original email from Editor White in
>> which he said he was going
>> to use the article. I also said that perhaps they
>> had decided not to use the
>> article so. OK - Fine. Please just send it back and
>> I would perhaps send it
>> elsewhere. That was about two or three months ago
>> and still no reply.
>> I don't know what to think about this. I have had a
>> lot of other stuff
>> published and I know these editors are busy but they
>> could at least send me
>> some response even if it is, "your article is crap
>> and we can't be bothered
>> to even send it back." At least I would know
>> something.
>> This seems to be a fine publication and I have been
>> impressed by the
>> contents. Consequently I thought they were good
>> guys. Now I'm not so sure.
>> Anyway, I thought that the members of this list, who
>> have a number of
>> talented authors numbered amoung them, should be
>> aware of how I was treated.
>> Honestly, what do you folks think of this?
>> Bob Schramm
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