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Robert W. Schramm wrote:
> Its just my humble opinion but if you are just starting out I would
> advise you to spend your money on a good book like "Keepers of Light"
> where you can find the very simple formula for cyanotype which in its
> original formula is quite easy to mix. Photographer's Formulary sells
> all the necessary chemicals.

I really didn't want to have to make my own solutions until I'd got a
bit of a grasp of the process. I gave up on Mike Ware's formulation
after reading his book; I want something simple to have a go with. Also,
since I'm in the UK I thought I'd try Fotospeed's kit as it's easy to
get hold of.

> You can make a print frame out of a sheet of double strength window
> glass a piece of cardboard and some duct tape. Sunlight is a good
> source of UV.

I've already got a couple of sheets of 6mm thick float that I got to
contact print my 10"x8" pinhole paper negatives under my enlarger.
However, I'm a bit concerned about checking the image to see that it's
finished and then being able to line it all up again.

Basically I've got some Xmas money to spend and a contact frame would
be of use. Never having seen one of the Fotospeed ones, I was just
wondering if anyone had one and could comment on it's build quality etc.

> Use almost any watercolor paper and a Hake or foam brush for coating.
> "Keepers of Light" has a lot of good instruction and a good history of
> the old processes.

I'm not really bothered about any other processes other than Cyanotype
and at around £80 second hand, I could buy plenty of sensitizer and
paper and actually be doing it rather than reading about it.

Once I've dabbled a bit, then I might be ready to mix my own chemicals
etc; and you never know, I might be interested in other processes by


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