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Its just my humble opinion but if you are just starting out I would advise
you to spend your money on a good book like "Keepers of Light" where you can
find the very simple formula for cyanotype which in its original formula is
quite easy to mix. Photographer's Formulary sells all the necessary
chemicals. You can make a print frame out of a sheet of double strength
window glass a piece of cardboard and some duct tape. Sunlight is a good
source of UV. Use almost any watercolor paper and a Hake or foam brush for
coating. "Keepers of Light" has a lot of good instruction and a good history
of the old processes.

Good luck,
Bob Schramm
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&gt;Hello, I've been interested in trying my hand at doing some
&gt;for a while; I bought Mike Ware's book a couple of years ago. I'm
&gt;thinking a good way to get into it is to purchase the Fotospeed
&gt;Cyanotype Process Kit ( and
&gt;of their contact printing frames.
&gt;Has anyone got any experience of the Fotospeed kit or their frame?
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