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D. Mark Andrews wrote:


> To answer your initial question, I have not used the Fotospeed kit, but I do
> have a lot of experience with the kit from Photographer's Formulary. Good
> price, nice folks, and quality chemicals.

Being based in the UK, it's easier for me to get my stuff from Fotospeed,
Silverprint, Nova et al. Even with the current exchange rate being so
favourable, it's just quicker and easier.

> With that said, and this next comment may start a lengthy discussion,
> please stay away from Mike Ware's formula as a beginner.

That could be a problem as I think the Fotospeed kit uses the Mike Ware
formulation; from their catalogue:

"Cyanotype is in a single solution, and is an updated version of the
original process. Using Ammonium Ferric Oxalate to give a good blue that
does not wash out, this solution is twice as sensitive to UV as the
traditional version."

> It is most troublesome with many papers and for the life of me I can't
> figure out why the original formula needed improving. The Formulary
> sells both in kit form , but the original formula prints great on
> glass, leather, most papers including sturdy newsprint if you are
> desperate.

For simplicity sake, I think I'm going to get this kit and give it ago,
I'm assuming that the paper that comes with the kit is good enough to
use, so there will be no issues there.

My only worry is whether my paper negatives (Ilford RC paper) will get
damaged by the contact printing...?


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