Re: Removing Cyanotype Solution from a Stouffer Wedge

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Date: 02/25/05-09:36:18 AM Z
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Has anyone had any luck coating the step wedge with an impervious coating or
clear tape to protect it from staining and soil, and leave it washable? I
realize that many of you are using the wedge for it's specific density and a
coating would likely add density, but I for one only use it to see what
range my gum layer is printing as an "eyeball" curiosity. Perhaps this is a
place to try "Future".


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> Subject: Re: Removing Cyanotype Solution from a Stouffer Wedge
> Judy,
> The Stouffer 21 step is produced on Ilford Ortho Plus film and the emulsion
> is made up of little silver pieces:)
> As far as cleaning the stain from the step wedge I'm not sure there is
> anything that wouldn't also change the density of it (or bleach it). We've
> noticed slight density changes when using basic film cleaner. And recently
> we've discovered the old standby of Edwal's film cleaner leaves an oily
> residue. Edwal's has changed the formula apparently.
> Kevin Morris
> Stouffer Industries
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>> On Tue, 22 Feb 2005, Robert W. Schramm wrote:
>>> Try an alkali. Soak in sodium bicarbonate solution. If vthat doesn't
> work.
>>> try something stronger.
>> There are probably a number of cyanotype bleaches in the kitchen or
>> laundry-- ammonia, sodium carbonate, and /or borax. But after it bleaches
>> you probably need to really wash it well -- otherwise I've seen the stain
>> reappear. On the 3rd hand... what is the black in the Stouffer 21-step
>> made of? I dimly recall reading somewhere that it's NOT silver... If it's
>> not, the usual alkali bleach might not work (?),
>> Judy
>>> Bob Schramm
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>>> &gt;Subject: Removing Cyanotype Solution from a Stouffer Wedge
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>>> &gt;
>>> &gt;My cyanotype II solution was a wee bit too wet when I sandwiched my
>>> Stouffer
>>> &gt;21-T wedge onto it. Now my wedge has dots of blue cyano all over one
> end
>>> of
>>> &gt;it! I tried soaking it in Sistan to remove it. No dice. What else
> could I
>>> &gt;use? Thx.
>>> &gt;
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