Re: Removing Cyanotype Solution from a Stouffer Wedge

From: Halvor Bjørngård ^lt;>
Date: 02/26/05-09:56:01 AM Z
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Jack Brubaker wrote:
> Has anyone had any luck coating the step wedge with an impervious coating or
> clear tape to protect it from staining and soil, and leave it washable? I
> realize that many of you are using the wedge for it's specific density and a
> coating would likely add density, but I for one only use it to see what
> range my gum layer is printing as an "eyeball" curiosity. Perhaps this is a
> place to try "Future".
> Jack

1 - wrap it in cling film, works but..

2 - make 20 copies of it, ortho film in paper developer works fine or
was it hc110. try out. as you never get the copies to become excactly
similar, a densitometer helps. of course making 20 tests in one go is
log 20 in chaos factor:)

halvor bjørngård
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