Re: Removing Cyanotype Solution from a Stouffer Wedge

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On Fri, 25 Feb 2005, Jack Brubaker wrote:

> Has anyone had any luck coating the step wedge with an impervious coating or
> clear tape to protect it from staining and soil, and leave it washable? I
> realize that many of you are using the wedge for it's specific density and a

There's a pretty good "coating" that's entirely removable -- a bit of
plastic wrap (Saran being slightly thicker than Glad is easier to use
without wrinkling) between the wedge and the emulsion... It didn't seem
the few times I used it to have an effect on exposure, but I say that
tentatively since it wasn't critical in those cases and I did NOT test
the variable solo.

Of course if Michael had realized ahead of time that his emulsion wasn't
perfectly dry, he could have waited longer to expose and obviated the
entire problem. But I note that I keep at least 20 or 30 strips on hand
(and there is -- or used to be -- an educational discount) because there
are cases where we can use a dozen or more to expose a series of variable
tests all at once and our time (which they're not making any more of) is
more valuable even than the 21-step. Thus on the rare occasions when a
strip is ruined I can dump it without being marooned.

(I also found that if you have just ONE 21-step, it gets lonely & wanders
off to parts unknown.)


> coating would likely add density, but I for one only use it to see what
> range my gum layer is printing as an "eyeball" curiosity. Perhaps this is a
> place to try "Future".
> Jack
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>> Judy,
>> The Stouffer 21 step is produced on Ilford Ortho Plus film and the emulsion
>> is made up of little silver pieces:)
>> As far as cleaning the stain from the step wedge I'm not sure there is
>> anything that wouldn't also change the density of it (or bleach it). We've
>> noticed slight density changes when using basic film cleaner. And recently
>> we've discovered the old standby of Edwal's film cleaner leaves an oily
>> residue. Edwal's has changed the formula apparently.
>> Kevin Morris
>> Stouffer Industries
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>>> On Tue, 22 Feb 2005, Robert W. Schramm wrote:
>>>> Try an alkali. Soak in sodium bicarbonate solution. If vthat doesn't
>> work.
>>>> try something stronger.
>>> There are probably a number of cyanotype bleaches in the kitchen or
>>> laundry-- ammonia, sodium carbonate, and /or borax. But after it bleaches
>>> you probably need to really wash it well -- otherwise I've seen the stain
>>> reappear. On the 3rd hand... what is the black in the Stouffer 21-step
>>> made of? I dimly recall reading somewhere that it's NOT silver... If it's
>>> not, the usual alkali bleach might not work (?),
>>> Judy
>>>> Bob Schramm
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>>>> &gt;Subject: Removing Cyanotype Solution from a Stouffer Wedge
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>>>> &gt;My cyanotype II solution was a wee bit too wet when I sandwiched my
>>>> Stouffer
>>>> &gt;21-T wedge onto it. Now my wedge has dots of blue cyano all over one
>> end
>>>> of
>>>> &gt;it! I tried soaking it in Sistan to remove it. No dice. What else
>> could I
>>>> &gt;use? Thx.
>>>> &gt;
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