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Suzanne wrote:

> 2 lenses marked only Darlot Paris, 1 estimated to be c. 6" ($200), 1
> estimated to be c. 8" ($300) These have no shutter. Pentc 8" f 29
> (with space between the 2 and 9) ($250) No shutter. Kodak Commercial
> Ektar 10" 6.3 in original? case ($800) The owner said he thought this
> was one of the best lenses of all time

The camera store owner is trying to retire on your purchase. The
Commercial Ektar is a great lens, and they are generally found in perfectly
serviceable Ilex shutters. But $275-$375 is the going price (every now and
then someone gets $550 for one, but there is no need for anyone to pay
that). I have several Commercial Ektars from 8-12" to 14", all with
perfect glass, and $350 is the most I paid. As user lenses, the Darlots
and the Pentec are worth $50-$100 each, although they may have greater
value to collectors, depending on condition.

Be aware that if you don't have your own metalworking shop to make the
necessary adapters, having barrel lenses mounted in a shutter is quite
expensive -- often $200 in labor charges alone, plus the cost of a shutter.
And it's a cost you can't recoup when you sell -- it adds much less market
value to the lens than the expense of doing it.

You may want to look on eBay -- they have a category for large-format
lenses (with several sub-categories). At least you can get an idea of
going prices.

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